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What keeps you from achieving anything is simply one step forward. Go ahead and take that step, and we'll assure you the next thing you know, you're crossing the finish line with a journey to remember forever...

Besides nature's blessing on our 5 senses, running on soft terrains at a gentle pace won't leave you battered. A full body exercise and mental power. Your finish is nothing compared to a tarmac victory...

As you'll be exercising for six hours or so, your body will need plenty of fuel, which means you can stuff your cakehole all day long!

In ultras, the tortoise beats the hare. Though some people race hard at the front, most just relax, enjoy the views, socialise and eat a lot of cake!

Most ultrarunners train much as they would for a marathon, but make the long run a little longer, or run some back-to-backs - meaning a longer run followed by another the next day.

Some say completing an ultra is 50 per cent in the mind; others say it's as much as 90 per cent. Either way, it's much more about your levels of determination than about the size of your quads or calves.

Making new friends is almost inevitable and you'll be swapping life stories before you know it. Just try to befriend ultra runners with good navigation skills!


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Hello Maxime! First, allow me to thank you a Max Million for organizing such an unprecedented mountain ultratrail event! It was an incredible feeling to take part in this race and finish it! Thank you always for the genuine passion and incredible efforts.



Cher Maxime, Je tiens à te remercier pour nous avoir offert cette opportunité de faire ce magnifique parcours, qui était à la fois demandant et agréable. J’ai été impressionnée par l’organisation du parcours, c’est comme si tu lisais dans notre tête comment nous pourrions être perdus et nous n’étions jamais perdus , tout était bien indiqué. Bravo …/… dans ce parcours j’ai vécu de la joie, de la frustration, de la gratitude, de la peur, de la reconnaissance, des hallucinations, des douleurs … Presque toutes les émotions étaient présentes, mais c’était la plus belle expérience de ma vie, et c’était un dépassement personnel inattendu. Le dernier 10k j’ai été blessée aux genoux et j’ai continué le parcours à un pied. Mais c’était quand même agréable. Merci encore et bravo. Continue ton bon travail, le monde a besoin des gens comme toi. Félicitations



Hello! Failed to catch you at the end to say thank you and good bye. The efforts in preparation for today are very well appreciated and I’m sorry some people expressed things differently. I also want to say thank you for the encouragement and motivation you provided. This was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I can’t wait for the medal! Thank you again w ya3tikon l 3afe!



Really thx Maxime for the effort that u made to achieve this trail, god bless u and your family 2 And cu in a new achievements inshalla!



In 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis. With it comes it's ups and downs. Instead of letting it get the best of me, I use it as motivation to prove to myself that I can overcome it and not let it defy me. Trail running allowed me to push my limits and showed me I am more than capable of conquering killer hills.

Suzette S.


Once I discovered Ultra trail-running I was immediately drawn towards nature. So much that I want to move up here! Go Ultra!

Firas A.


I used to struggle to run 10 K on tarmac. Today, I ran a 22K Trail with more than 800 m of ascent and I feel great!

Kelly C.

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