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UTC Rules and Perks

The “Ultra Trail des Cèdres” (hereafter “UTC”) is an annual international Ultra Trail Running race in the Lebanese mountains, open to all above the age of 15. UTC 2019 comprises 3 race distances to choose from: UTC25 (25km long), UTC45 (45km long), and UTC75 (75km long), to be accomplished in a single day, at an undefined pace within a certain time-frame.


    1. Race course: All participants must follow the trail markings for their race (25km in yellow, 45km in green, 75km in red).
    2. Marshals: All participants must follow instructions from UTC marshals (wearing the UTC armband).
    3. Checkpoints: All participants must stop at all checkpoints (a few seconds) and allow marshals to mark their bib. At unmanned checkpoints, participants will personally mark their bib (with the specialized plier / perforator at that checkpoint)
    4. Cut Off Times (COT): All participants must abide by the COTs of their respective race and retire if and when they reach a checkpoint after its COT.
    5. Water: All participants must start with a minimum of 600 ml of water, inside personal liquid container(s) (see next point for water container rule).
    6. Water containers: All participants must have their own personal reusable liquid container(s) (this can be a flask, gourde, Nalgene, Thermos or other.). NO SINGLE USE PLASTIC WHATSOEVER are allowed. [among other worthy causes, UTC aims to raise awareness about Single Use Plastic]
    7. Cups: All participants are strongly advised to bring along a personal reusable plastic cup (for drinking at checkpoints). UTC will NOT be providing any DISPOSABLE drinking cups at checkpoints. Only water inside containers with a faucet to fill the participants’ bottles or cups.
    8. Pack: All participants must carry some sort of pack (backpack, knapsack or large hip pack or other) that is large enough to hold their water, food, light jacket, phone, survival blanket, hat, sunscreen etc.
    9. Shoes: All participants must be wearing appropriate Trail Running shoes.
    10. Poles: Trekking or walking poles are allowed but not mandatory. Telescopic ones are advised if participants wish to carry them in / on their pack at any time during the race. Any participant starting with such equipment must finish with it, even if broken.
    11. Cellular phone: All participants must start the race with a fully charged cell phone that works on the Lebanese network.
      • Emergency UTC SOS number: All participants’ phones must have in their saved contacts the UTC emergency SOS number +961 81 131415 (this number is also printed on the bibs and should only be used in case of an emergency).
      • Extra phone power: All 75km participants (ONLY 75km) are strongly advised to carry a power storage device or spare battery.
    12. Water rations: There will be water stations along the course, every 12km at the most. All participants are responsible for their own water needs and must manage their water adequately and responsibly.
    13. Headlight: All 75km participants (ONLY 75km) must start the race (3:00AM) with a working headlight, and must keep it turned on until the break of dawn.
    14. Survival blanket: All 75km participants (ONLY 75km) are strongly advised to carry a survival blanket (as per the instructions of the UTC Red Cross officials).
    15. Food: All participants are responsible for their food during the race.
      • All participants must start the race with the requisite amount of food inside their pack.
      • There will be water, foodstuffs and hot drinks at the start / finish line, and along some select checkpoints (only for 75km and 45km participants).
      • Participants should know their personal food / calorie needs for their distance. As a general rule UTC recommends starting with a minimum of: 800kcal (equivalent to 2 Takabars and 2 gels)
    16. Ethics:
    • All participants will show respect:
        • For the mountain and the environment (flora & fauna).
        • For fellow participants.
        • For the organizers and sponsors.
        • For the local population.



The race will include several categories:


  1. The WOMEN categories:
  • Junior: Women and girls aged 15 to 29.
  • Open: Women aged 30 to 49.
  • Senior: Women aged 50 to 59.
  • Veteran: Women aged 60 and above.


  1. The MEN categories:
  • Junior: Men and boys aged 15 to 29.
  • Open: Men aged 30 to 49.
  • Senior: Men aged 50 to 59.
  • Veteran: Men aged 60 and above.

Note: All ages calculated on race day (July 7, 2019)


  1. The MILITARY categories (any Lebanese service corps / “corp habillé” – Army, Navy, FSI):
  • Servicewomen: Women in the Lebanese Service Corps (of all ages).
  • Servicemen: Men in the Lebanese Service Corps (of all ages).


*Note: Any category with less than 5 registered participants will be scrapped and its participants amalgamated with another category, at the discretion of the UTC Organizing Committee.



UTC will offer medals and trophies:


  1. Finisher Medals: Bespoke handmade by Ultra Runner Ali Kedame (UTC 2019 race course director).


  1. Winner Trophies: UTC will offer the following bespoke UTC trophies (metals & wood) designed and produced by Blink BTL ( for the first three finishers of each category:


  • Winner: Large UTC trophy.
  • Runner-up: Medium UTV trophy.
  • 3rd place finisher: Small UTC trophy